True Rannap

2021Dokumentaal4KSterotek Film

  • Audio: Estonian
    Subtitles: English

The film portrays the popular composer and pianist, Rein Rannap. His contribution to Estonian music is invaluable, but he is a very complex and controversial person who often puts the patience of singers and musicians to the test. In numerous TV shows, the viewer has met Rannap just the way he wants to show himself. He has a great ability to put on a mask and present a carefully composed text in interviews. When the cameras are filming, Rein plays his role. He also had his own vision of the finished documentary, which was in conflict with that of the filmmakers. Above all, they fascinated them as a maestro person – to look behind the mask and show Rannapi and help to understand why he has become such a person.

The same team has previously made the documentaries “Ott Tänak – The Movie” and “Estonian Soil and Estonian Ruja”.

  • Casts
    • Rein Rannap
    • Eve Aus
    • Heino Rannap
    • Kaur Rannap
    • Pärt-Eo Rannap
    • Ikevald Rannap
    • Jüri Alperten
    • Maarja-Liis Ilus
    • Ivo Linna
    • Tõnis Mägi
    • Lisete Velt
  • Producer
    • Eero Nõgene
  • Co-producer
    • Aleksander Ots
  • Director
    • Aleksander Ots
    • Kaidi Klein
  • Screenwriter-editor
    • Kaidi Klein
  • Camera Operators
    • Margus Malm / Tauno Sirel / Mattias Veermets / Janar Volmer / Madis Reimund
  • Sound Designer
    • Dmitry Natalevich
  • Editing Directors
    • Tarvo Mölder
    • Hermes Brambat
  • Editor
    • Kaarel Kokamägi
  • Colorist
    • Tauno Sirel
  • Sound Engineers
    • Rein Fuks / Indrek Ulst / Ergo Teekivi / Gert Mäll / Aleksandra Koel
  • Voice over
    • Andres Ots

4K Movie

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