The two-hour musical documentary Estonian Soil and Estonia’s Ruja invites viewers to witness the unique 2017 concert of the cult rock band Ruja at Tallinn Song Festival Grounds, and get the intimate insight to the studio rehearsal sessions and relive the energy in the midst of the band members both onstage and backstage. For one night only, on the Day of Restoration of Independence of the Republic of Estonia, Jaanus Nõgisto, Rein Rannap, Tiit Haagma, Andres Põldroo and Jaan Karp – the original members of Ruja, the unparalleled Estonian rock band – would reunite for one last concert.
The concert was preceded by a tense rehearsal period that was captured on film. The difficult relationship between Rein Rannap and Jaanus Nõgisto has become a myth, of sorts, and for the first time, the passionate working process of those men are onscreen. As colourful characters as they are, they offered tons of invaluable material and heated moments. Mixed in between the footage of the rehearsals and the pre-concert atmosphere, the band members of Ruja and all other soloists performing that night recall their memories. Naturally, the legendary frontman of Ruja, the late Urmas Alender is remembered as well..